Hi, I am Stefan Römer aka. RustyRoman.

Stefan Römer aka. RustyRoman

I am a Senior Software Engineer with 15+ years of working experience (mainly C/C++, shell and batch scripts, python) and in-depth OS (Windows and Linux) and networking knowledge.

Initially I got interested in computers when my father bought an IBM compatible 286AT with MS DOS 3.3 a long time ago. With the time I used different Windows versions (from Windows 3.1 to the current versions) but since I got my hands on a bundle of SuSE Linux 5.1 at the local book store I am a Linux fan (currently running Artix Linux).

Recently I got interested in cyber security and started gaining knowledge on the TryHackMe platform. Here my TryHackMe badge:

I live in Vietnam and also like photography and playing badminton.


Stefan Römer
4-A3 Hope Garden Plaza
102 Phan Huy Ich
Ward 15, Tan Binh District
72109 Ho Chi Minh City


  • phone: +84931131612

  • find me on github, tryhackme, signal or zalo

  • send an email via the contact form: