Stefan Römer

SENVANG IT Solutions (04/2019 - present)

Providing software development services on a freelance basis

  • Continuous freelance work for my previous employer

VITRONIC Machine Vision (01/2007 - 03/2019)

-> see reference in german (original) or english (translation by Google Translate)

Software engineer in logistics automation responsible for the following tasks:

  • Conception and implementation of software using C/C++ on Windows and Linux

  • Conception and integration of new software components into existing systems and architectures

  • Network programming and implementation of custom network interfaces, including CORBA with ACE/TAO

  • Conception and implementation of an innovative Auto-ID system. This multi-code reading system was successfully introduced to the relevant markets largely through my collaboration.

  • Technical support for the commissioning of complex systems at customers, as well as coordination of problem analysis and resolution on site. This also involved international contacts with service personnel, business partners and customers.

  • Amongst others using Makefiles, Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, CVS, Git, STL, MFC, Qt, ACE, TAO, GigE/USB3 Vision Cameras, Scales and Dimensioners via TPC/IP and RS232 interfaces

Diehl Aviation (10/2005 - 03/2006) internship

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Development of an automated tool for loading the application software on the Doors and Slides Management System (DSMS) of the Airbus A380 in a fast and reliable way. The DSMS is a redundant system that powers and monitors the A380’s passenger doors, hatches and escape slides.

Schneider Electric (07/2002 - 08/2002) internship

-> see reference in german (original) or english (translation by Google Translate)

Assembling and wiring of control cabinets for the automotive industry according to circuit diagrams, terminal plans and parts lists and assemblies of devices and PLC controls.